Dave and Annette  combined with a couple of volunteered individuals (I now understand why they volunteer) do a bang up job day in day out with the same enthusiasm for a month straight, never a day off . Needless to say the same goes for the dogs. Well trained and very  smart with excellent blood lines,  challenged with a sent trail one hour or many hours later,  these guys never quit. Thru the presentence of Shooter ( 3 year old male) to start the track and the rest of the pack to assist in treeing it, I was able to drop a big black bear.  I have overwhelming appreciation of this well-organized operation.  I had a damn good time!    And just as good— I had the opportunity to try bear meat, a pleasant surprise that ranks up there good as elk,  if not better.


Richard Carron
PH:   952-445-8615
C:     612-839-7394

When I drew a Wisconsin Bear harvest permit after 7 years of applying, I immediately booked my hunt with Dave and Annette at Big Timber Outfitters.  The accommodations and hospitality were first class start to finish.  I found the experience so enjoyable that I left my tag unfilled until the end of the harvest season, just so I could spend every available moment experiencing the excellence in their pack of Redbone bear hounds.  We looked at several bears during my stay at Big Timber with a very high percentage of the tracks we started ending with a bear in the tree.  I have been back several times now during the training season since then and have thoroughly enjoyed every memory I’ve made.  Dave and Annette are true professionals. They will treat you right- you won’t be sorry you booked your hunt with Big Timber Outfitters.

Joe Maitland

(920) 819-8728

“I have hunted with Dave and Annette many times now. Not only is it a first class hunt from start to finish, but the friendship that has been extended to myself, my friends and family is unlike anything I have experienced with any operation anywhere!”

Dave Grisar


“Hunting with Dave and Annette at Big Timber Redbones is an amazing experience! If you were to rate this hunting experience on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 20. It is absolutely amazing watching such a well trained pack of bear dogs that you almost forget that you are there to hunt. If you allow yourself to become fully immersed in this hunt, you will come away with a much greater understanding of the passion they  and their dogs have for this sport!”

Alan Wegner



“Dave and Big Timber Redbones is truly one of the most experienced and professional outfitters I have ever hunted with! His passion and knowledge for his dogs and this sport are unmatched anywhere. You will not find a better trained pack of hounds, they are truly amazing to watch in action. I am counting the days to be back out in the field with Dave and his Redbones. If you are looking for great hunting and outdoor experience with a truly professional and knowledgeable outfitter that has an amazing pack of hounds, look no further, Big Timber Redbones is the only outfitter to use! Dave’s attention to even the littlest of details is amazing, from baiting to tracking to finding animals, everything is top-notch. His dogs are so enjoyable to watch and work with, it is a shame tags take so long to get.”

Chris Wegner



I had the opportunity to hunt with Dave and his friends. All I can say is WOW! Talk about a determined individual. I can promise he will do everything in his power to get you the bear you want. They run an excellent camp and make you feel right at home. Couldn’t ask for a better guy.

Thanks Dave

Ryan Foster on Oct 14 2010

Jeff Folsom on Mar 2 2010

Great bear hunt

I bear hunted with Dave this past fall (2009) and took my six year-old son with me. He and his hunting partners have great dogs and know the area well. He works very hard to find game and makes you feel a part of the hunt from all aspects. My son had a great experience and we got a nice bear to share together. I highly recommend Big Timber Redbones & Outfitting and would go back once I draw another tag.

My dad and I have been on a number of big game guided hunts in the past 10 years, wild boar, Canadian black bear, and Rocky Mountain elk.  While all the hunts we’ve been on were enjoyable, the bear hunt we shared with you was the most enjoyable and at the top of the list.  You fully welcomed us into your camp, put us up in more than acceptable accommodations, and even invited us to share dinner at your table.  Your striving to provide an excellent experience was clear, and you fell not one step short.  We were successful in harvesting two trophy black bears.  You worked with us to meet our goals for the hunt; my dad’s first black powder bear and my first archery bear.  I left camp not only feeling like I had one of the most rewarding hunting experiences I’d ever had, but left knowing I have new lifelong hunting companions.  My only disappointment is that it will be another 7 or 8 years before I draw another tag to come back and share another adventure.  Your operation is top notch and second to none!!!


Mike Grisar