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Dave,  I want to thank you for the two Redbones I bought from you once again. It is hard to believe they are doing as well as they are for only being in the 10th month of their lives.  First of all, to give you a little of my history. In 1985, my grandpa ( Doc Hyde) took me out with his Redbones and we caught my first mountain lion. He had the best line of  dogs that I ever ran with until now. Grandpa has moved on to a better place, and in the past few years, I have struggled to keep the Red breed strong here in Idaho. That is  why I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The male I got from you is doing very well, and is showing me true potential. He has impressed me, and shows the  qualities of a good Redbone hound from the “Good Ol’ Days”. As for the female… I feel like I stole her from you. She has more natural ability than I have seen out of ANY  dog for over 20 years! The Red dog has suffered from my end of the country since Grandpa’s line faded away, but thanks to you my friend, it is back. GREAT DOGS Dave, I  promise to keep this line alive!

Travis Hyde


Hi Dave, I told you I would update you on how that Pup was coming along. I am very happy with the pup. He is a big dog. He rode in the truck all summer and got on bear at the end of season. He wanted to go but kept him on leash behind bear. He rigged where bear crossed the road. Had him to two trees and treeing by end of training season. Very happy with him. (Pup was about 9 months old)

Dave and Julie Frahm

Dave Cathey – Green Bay Wisconsin: Here is Ciscoe IV at 6 months old treeing on a bear. He was a very early starting as a pup and at less than 1 year old has made a dozen bear trees and over 100 coon trees and can do it all by himself. He is a long legged, very good looking dog. There was only one place to get a pup to replace Ciscoe III with and that was from You.

You can put that statement in your add. I am more than satisfied with him and could never have expected anything else from this young pup. I guess he will have to be bearhunted since he has years and years of great bear dogs behind him. I will have to be carefull with him until I get him bred and get a Ciscoe V. I just hope he doesnt get killed.He is smart enough so that after a couple bear chases this year he will know how to handle them. He is the tallest one Ive had so far. (Pup born Feb 2011)

Dave Cathey

I am very happy with the pup I got from Dave. She is 11 months old and doing well had her on a bobcat last week, with my 3 year old and although we did not get the cat she was on it from the cold trail till the loss when it crisscrossed a partially frozen river. During bear season at 7 months she was at a couple trees and treeing with the older dogs and was put in at a road crossing and made it to the tree. She’s an intelligent pup picks things up quickly, she has drive and doesn’t seem to fear anything. It was a pleasurable experience dealing with Dave he answered all the questions I had and corresponded with updates on the pups after they were born. Dave recently called me to see how Chili was doing and to get feed back on her progress. I have been running hounds for over 10 years and this was the first time any breeder I have got a pup from ever did that. Dave is committed to his breeding program and getting the best out of it. I wouldn’t hesitate to get another pup from Dave in the future. The only drawback so far has been the weather limiting the amount of time I’ve been able to get her out but none of us can control that. If anyone has questions on these pups or wants a reference please feel free to call me.

Dan Cox

(pup born Feb 2011)

Dan Cox - Michigan

(231) 547 8465