Dave-Slick-and-HeatWe have been hunting with hounds for close to 30 years and have owned most if not all of the breeds. We truly believe there are good hounds in all breeds and it is a matter of the owner finding a bloodline that he prefers, that meets his or her own requirements. Color does not matter, all breeds have good and bad blood lines. Each hunter has different requirements in their hounds but the main requirement is that the dog satisfies its owner, no matter what breed you are feeding.

We have strived to develop a redbone hound that can truly be classified as a big game hound, specially bred to use on bear. They must be single minded to a point that they want to run to catch and when they catch their game either stay with it on the ground baying or lock down on the tree and stay there no matter how long it takes us to arrive. Our redbone hounds are very adaptable to any game you wish to hunt. They have proven themselves on bear, mountain lions, bobcats, raccoon and coyote. Little to no trash breaking is required once these dogs are started on the game you wish them to hunt.

We donā€™t breed for a specific voice or look in our dogs, we breed for a balanced hound. We believe if you breed for a specific trait you are overlooking qualities or lack of other qualities that may be necessary to have a fully balanced big game hound. We breed for overall performance and only based on that quality.

We raise pups when we need to look at replacing some of our own dogs as they age or we feel we have a special cross we want to try to improve our lines. We are not a puppy factory. It seems we are raising one litter or so a year.

We prefer dogs in the 50 to 60 pound range. We strive to have dogs with straight legs, tight feet, and a medium chest that will run and tree at one year old on bear.

I am addicted to hound hunting and am striving to hunt the best redbone hounds I can through selective breeding. To help people understand how dedicated we are to the sport of hound hunting, and our redbones, from 2006 to 2010 we treed in excess of 350 bear with our dogs under them. There were a number of bear caught on the ground each year and bayed also which are not counted as treed. (We do not count a sow and two cubs as three nor do we jump bear out for second runs.) These were all bear struck off the rig or jumped off our baits.

We hunt hard and expect, no demand, superior performance from our dogs.

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us or our references listed with any questions about our hunts or our dogs.

On occasions we have started and finished dogs for sale.

BIG TIMBER REDBONES: Bred with Brains to handle ā€“ Nose to jump ā€“ Speed and Stamina to run to catch ā€“ Grit to hold at bay and the Tree power to stay.

Our Motto: Growing old is inevitable – growing up is optional!